1박태욱2000.08Study on redundant robot control based on a performance index for aspect maintenance
2정준2001.08Disturbance Identification and Control Gain Determination for Minimum TMR in HDD
3조원익2002.02Design and Control of a Swing-arm Type Actuator for Optical Disk Drives Using Bimorph PZT’s
4박성원2005.08Repeatable Run-Out Compensator Design for TMR Optimization in HDD
5김성현2007.08Eigenstructure assignment for low sensitivity and exact left eigenvector direction assignment
6장대진2008.02(A) Study on Design and Control of Stair-climbing Walking Assistant Robot for the Elderly
7현동준2010.02Development of Self-contained Navigation System with Optical Navigation Sensor and MEMS Inertial Sensor
8김상훈2010.02Design of Servo System for Continuous Rotating Type Holographic Data Storage
9육경환2012.02Real-time decision making for stable traveling of a mobile robot on rough terrain
10황현우2012.02Design of Robust Servo Algorithm for Solid Immersion Lens based Near Field Recording System including Flexible Media
11임성용2015.08Design of advanced tolerance channel model and integrated servo system for angle-multiplexed holographic data storage
12박정완2016.02Compensation method for pipe mapping by using kinematic feature of a crawler type robot
13김인호2017.02Shape-changeable Mobile Robot for Enhancing Stability and Energy Efficiency
14이재성2017.02Performance Enhancement of Adaptive Disturbance Observer with Guaranteed Stability
15정우영2018.08Research of Online Image Enhancement Algorithms for Digital Holography System
16전원석2021.08Imitation Learning from Un-aligned Observations with Representation Learned by Video Prediction
17손경찬2021.08Improving Transparency for Bilateral Teleoperation of Series Elastic Actuated Haptic Interface
18Hamid Bamshad2023.02Development of a new high-torque gravity compensation mechanism
19이재성2023.02Navigation and Control of Lightweight Duct-Type MAV for Indoor Aerial Inspection


1박태욱1996.02로봇의 비선형 추적제어기 개발에 관한 연구
2정준1996.08로봇의 비선형 추격제어기 개발에 관한 연구
3정찬우1997.02손동작 감지 시스템의 개발에 관한 연구
4양선호1997.023자유도 로봇의 하이브리드 위치/힘 제어
5현동준1998.02와이어구동 전달장치를 이용한 로봇의 설계 제작
6김석환1998.022자유도 평행구조 매스터를 이용한 주·종조작기의 힘반영 제어
7권기영1998.08이중 구동기를 이용한 회전 이송기구의 고속 위치 및 진동 제어
8송민규1998.08여유자유도를 포함한 4자유도 로봇의 위치/힘 제어
9김성현1999.02힘반영 원격 조작을 위한 4자유도 마스터 로봇의 설계 및 제어
10윤재호1999.02스튜어드 플랫폼형 공작기계의 정밀 위치 제어
11김준홍1999.08천정크레인 시스템의 퍼지-슬라이딩 모드 제어
12김진수1999.08가속도계를 이용한 HDD 트랙킹 서보의 성능 향상
13선동훈1999.08하드디스크 드라이브 피봇베어링 비선형 마찰모델링
14안승홍1999.08이단 평행 압전구동기를 이용한 Pick-up부의 능동제진
15왕대성1999.08관절의 유연성을 고려한 4자유도 로봇 조작기의 정밀 위치 제어
16권상호2000.02Precision machining control of stewart platform based machining tool
17박철훈2000.08PES를 이용한 HDD 트랙추종서보 시스템의 외란해석
18박상영2000.08스튜어트 플랫폼형 로봇조작기의 하이브리드 위치/힘 제어
19이종호2000.08여유자유도를 가지는 4자유도 로봇의 조작성에 근거한 경로 계획에 관한 연구
20장대진2001.02다관절 전동의수의 설계 및 제어
21박성원2001.022단계 접근법에 기초한 유연한 관절 로봇의 하이브리드 제어
22박성준2001.02Tracking control of HDD dual stage actuator using multirate scheme
23이용권2001.02Design and control of swing-arm type two-stage PZT actuator for optical disk drive
24박철2001.08Position Control Simulation for Self-Servo Writing in HDD
25권상훈2002.02Force-Reflected Teleperation of Surgical Grasper
26김종형2002.02Hybrid control of Stewart Platform based Manipulator for Cranking
27박춘식2002.02study on buffer system of shoulder-fired weapon
28이형진2002.02Open- and Closed-loop Sheet Metal Forming with Flexible Die
29전재우2002.02Design and Control of Three-fingered Robot Hand for Grasping Various Objects
30양승훈2002.08Seeking Servo Performance Enhancement Using Accelerometer for HDD
31전찬호2002.08Development of Real Time Focus/Tracking Servo Technique Using On-Line Optical Disc Vibration Measurement
32남미희2003.02Design and stationary position control of robotic wheeled blimp
33이남훈2003.02Servo Performance Enhancements using Accelerometer in HDD
34정동하2003.02Servo Performance Enhancements using Accelerometer in HDD
35양호남2003.08Synchronizing Control of Intelligent Indoor Lift System
36김상균2004.02Force-Reflected Tele-operation with Forceps
37손용훈2004.02The Design of Optical Marker for Auto-registering of 3-D scan data
38신호철2004.02Compensation of Repeatable Run Out using Repetitive Controller in HDD
39윤병성2004.02Force-Reflected Teleoperation of Grasper for MIS(Minimally Invasive Surgery)
40이우철2004.02Track Following Control of Swing-arm Type Pick-up Actuator Using PZT
41이종민2004.02Repetitive Controller Design for Optical Disk Drive Focusing Servo System
42권영기2004.08Precision position and gap control for high density optical head using bimorph PZT
43김상훈2005.02Bit Error Reduction for Holographic Data Storage System Using Subclustering
44김경록2005.02study on semi-global localization algorithm and sensor model design for autonomous mobile robots
45김정훈2005.02Mechanism Design of Cane-like Passive Type Walking Aid for the Elderly Using 3-RPS Parallel Manipulator
46송연철2005.02Improved Velocity Control of LoadUnload Process in HDD
47이지수2005.08Design of Articulated Mobile Robot to Overcome Vertical Passages in Narrow Space
48한성준2005.08Study on Small Mobile Robot
49김지영2006.02Design and Implementation of a Mobile Robot with Terrain-adaptive Mechanism for Three-dimensional Unstructured Environment
50심현재2006.02Design and Control of 1-Axis Actuator Using Dielectric Elastomer EAP
51이광현2006.02Controller design and disturbance analysis for small form factor ODD
52이재성2006.02Exposure-time Schedule for Uniform Diffraction Efficiency in Angle/Fractal Multiplexing of Holographic Data Storage
53임도경2006.02Design and control of a flexible media handling device for inter-sheet spacing control and skew control
54문재희2007.02Real Time Tilt Servo Control of Holographic Data Storage System
56이상원2007.02Sensor fusion based obstacle avoidance for terrain-adaptive mobile robot
57양준호2007.08Tracking Servo Controller Design for Holographic Data Storage System
58최용호2007.08Development of a Foxtail Robot Moving in an Irregular Pipeline
59권태욱2008.02Improvement of Servo Performance for SIL Based Near Field Recording (NFR) System
60김진성2008.02Localization and Mapping of a Mobile Robot Using Inertial sensor and Optical flow sensor
61김태현2008.02Development of an in-pipe robot for topography adaptation and perception in narrow spaces
62윤현욱2008.02Design and Control of Micromirror Actuator Using Ionic Polymer Metal Composites
63조강진2008.02Turning Control of Fish Robot
64김성주2009.02Design and Control of 2-Axis Tilting Actuator for Endoscope using Ionic Polymer Metal Composites
65이용희2009.02Design of Tracking and Tilt Servo System for Holographic Data Storage System
66이종혁2009.08Design of Pole Climbing Robot With Mecanum Wheel
67박상용2010.02Normal Force Control of In-Pipe Robot By Estimating Inclined Angle
68박혜리2010.02Normal Force Control of In-Pipe Robot By Estimating Inclined Angle
69이석환2010.02Design of Fish Robot using IPMC actuators
70송희찬2010.08Tracking Servo Method using Reflective Optical Filter for Holographic Data Storage System
71임성용2010.08Design of 2-axis tilt servo system for angle multiplexing holographic data storage
72곽명남2011.02Design of stair climbing robot with hybrid wheel
73이병수2011.02Mechanism for surmounting obstacles of External Pipe Robot
74한초록2011.08Disk Tilt Error Measurement using Image Pattern for Holographic Data Storage System
75김낙영2012.02Data Acquisition Method Using Line Tracking for Page-based Holographic Data Storage System
76전웅선2012.02Design of High Mobility In-pipe Robot and Navigation Algorithm for T-branch Pipes
77오에녹2013.02Design of High Mobility Transmission Line Inspection Robot Mechanism
78홍석현2013.02Development of optical flow sensor for rough terrain mobile robot
79강윤구2013.08Design of Crawler-type In-pipe Robot that can Navigate through Branched Pipes
80이종진2013.08Focusing and Tracking Servo System using Estimation Method Applying Pre-discrete Pattern for Holographic Data Storage System
81박재형2014.02Adaptive control of Active suspension of Railway vehicle for reducing lateral vibration
82이병조2014.02Mechanism design and manipulation algorithm for orientation change module with three flexible links
83정충인2015.02Complex Amplitude Data Acquisition through Complex Plane Propagation in Holographic Data Storage
84김용준2015.08Design of a biomimetic robot using foxtail mechanism and carangiform-locomotion for various environments
85박종구2015.08Design of orientation change module and angle calibration using neural network
86Hamid Bamshad2015.08Design of model-reference adaptive neural network controller for electro-hydraulic actuator
87박재현2016.02Design of a new worm-type mobile robot applicable to colonoscopy
88양혁2016.08Study on the Compensation Method of Inertial Navigation System for the High-speed Rotating Vehicle
89김백준2017.08Development of On-line Motion Planning for A Redundant Mobile Manipulator in Environments with Obstacles Using Modified Torque Margin
90손부건2017.08Study on Posture Control of Quadruped Robot using Reinforcement Learning
91김민재2018.02Attitude Angle Control of a Tilt Rotor UAV while Hovering
92이동림2018.08Design of Foxtail Robot Using Phase Difference Motion for Narrow Space
93오인진2019.08메카넘 휠 이동로봇의 바퀴 슬립에 강인한 실내 위치 추정 방안 연구
94문홍식2019.08Reduction in Energy Consumption of a Transformable Wheeld Mobile Robot by Considering Motor Efficiency
95황해진2020.02Adaptive Backlash Compensation for Force Control on Bowden Cable-based Series Elastic Actuation
96김정극2020.02Force Estimation and Control of Robotic Finger for High Loaded Rotate Task
97노우석2021.02Curriculum Learning based Reinforcement Learning with Converging Goal Space and Binary Reward
98이상원2022.02Slip Detection Algorithm of Robotic Gripper Using Normal Force Sensor Arrays
99장성원2023.08MURM: Utilization of Multi-Views for Goal-Conditioned Reinforcement Learning in Robotic Manipulation
100이은후2024.02UaMPNet: Uncertainty-aware Motion Planning Network for Manipulator Motion Planning in Untrained Environments